Here, you will find selected projects that I created and my own personal work. Comfortable in front and behind the camera, I always dreamed to work into the motion picture industry. This is my way of building my own path and experience in the audiovisual world.

I am open to work on new project so feel free to contact me →

Get Nasty

Art Direction, Casting, Production & Editing

Light On

Art Direction, Casting, Concept & Production

Editing & Co-production by FMRGZ

It all started last summer (2019) during a brainstorming session: as a casting director and artistic director, I wanted to show and create a work of art that spoke for itself.

During this preliminary session, with the artist and his manager, I knew directly what I had to do: nothing could be more fabulous than a cocktail of 52 magnificent young women, all more radiant and confident than the others.  

I had a vision that become real.

Love Me

Video Editing

OG STUNN made this song to honored his son birthday and he contacted me asking if I could add my touch on the project. I said yes!

On this project, the idea with the cut and pace of this footage is to show love. The emotions shared between son and father.

A lovely song, wonderful pictures, a beautiful editing and magic happened!